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TravelGo HD Model

I already had a heavier power wheelchair (300 lbs) but bought the HD model primarily for travel.
If folds up and, at 55 lbs, easily fits in a trunk or back seat.
For boarding a plane, it’s priceless. Went to USA 3 weeks ago. Kept in the chair all the way through security and immigration and right to the plane door. My daughter easily removed the battery, removed the controller, and folded the chair up (the controller folded up inside the chair), and they airline put in cargo. On arrival, the chair was at the door when we deplaned. Unfold it, reattach controller, snap it the battery, and off we went.
Don’t “have” to remove the controller for airlines. I just did it because I don’t trust cargo guys to be careful – ha.
The turning radius is amazing (spins on a dime).

James / March 2020
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TravelGo HD Model

This is not my first power wheelchair – but it is definitely the best one – ordered on Dec 3(received in 3 weeks) because I needed a more substantial chair, yet one that my husband could put in the car with ease – I live in a rural area, but travel to the city for medical reasons frequently and I wanted the confidence to cross busy streets yet ease of entering offices and stores. The TravelGo chair gives me this confidence. May even get the nerve to fly across country now that I have this chair. Something I wouldn’t do with my old chair. Let the adventure begin in 2020

ElsaRose Bryant / Jan 2020
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TravelGo Scooter

It was so easy to put together…,.once the battery linked up together…took it for a spin….it has a tonne of power. I weigh 230 lbs…it didn’t stop even going up the incline in my driveway….so glad I got it.

Adrienne E. / Jan 2020
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TravelGo S Model

I have received this wonderful wheelchair today that I have bought for my own money. I have been out and tried the new family member and it is absolutely wonderful! Now we can plan to go shopping, eat a bit of food out, go to the cinema etc. It only costs $2,795.00 and it is worth every penny, I promise!

Renée / Feb 2019
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TravelGo HD Model

After a while, the run becomes softer after the hand and joystick get to know each other. No problems with slopes, lawns and gravel paths.

Dennis / June 2019
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TravelGo HD Model

TravelGoChair works great! When traveling, there is a bag as an accessory, which can be clearly recommended! TravelGoChair is very portable, so it can be used inside an apartment or in hotel rooms. Buy if you value your freedom and your independence!

Karin / June 2019
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TravelGo S Model

The freedom to take the car out and have an electric chair with them is wonderful. Being able to travel on larger paths, park roads and jogging trails in the forest with dogs and grandchildren is a happiness that cannot be measured!

Leb / June 2019
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TravelGo HD Model

We have bought one ourselves and it is the best we have done, now the old man can follow with everywhere and it is easy to lift into the car.

Agnetha / June 2019
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TravelGo S Model

TravelGoChair is really nice and very service oriented. I bought my self and I am very satisfied. It’s easy to drive and the best part is that we easily put it in the trunk of our little Volvo.

Jerry / Feb 2019


Do the TravelGoChair models require assembly?

All our models come fully assembled and ready to drive! All you need to do is to just unfold the unit, place the seat covers in position, and enjoy your TravelGo powerchair.

How far can I drive?

A fully charged TravelGo Chair can run at least 22 kms at maximum speed of 6.5 kms. At very cold temperatures (freezing temperatures) the mileage can be affected and become shorter than normal.

Is it difficult to collapse a TravelGoChair?

No, it's very simple. You fold a TravelGoChair with a simple 3 second hand grip.

What accessories can I buy for TravelGoChair?

The most common accessories for TravelGoChair folding electric wheelchairs are head restraints, Protective Bag and Adjustable footrest. But you can also buy extra batteries, different wheels and pad. Click here to read more about the accessories.

Is TravelGoChair tested and approved?

Quality and sustainability are important characteristics for us at TravelGoChair. Therefore, we have allowed independent testing institutes to test and evaluate our collapsible electric wheelchairs. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept the following forms of payment.

  • All major credit cards
  • Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard symbol
  • Money orders or cashiers cheque
  • Wire Transfers and E-Transfers
  • Personal cheques(The product will ship after the chequeclears)
Do you really ship for free within Canada?

Yes, we most certainly do.

How long does shipping take?

We ship it by courier. Once shipped from our London Ontario location it can take up to 5 business days depending on the destination province.



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