More Than An Electric Wheelchair

Our goal has been to provide wheelchairs which are exceptionally lightweight, in combination with good sitting ergonomics, high quality and good handling, right from the start.

It was with all this in mind that we chose the TravelGoChair. Smart material choices, low weight, good sitting ergonomics and good handling are equally important here. A smart construction that makes the chairs fold able became the icing on the cake, and we could fulfill our most important goal; that our electric wheelchairs are portable and can be taken in a regular car and on an airplane.

Powerchair For Everyone

This chair is ideal for anyone!.

  • Active wheelchair users looking for a flexible electric wheelchair.
  • Elderly users who want more freedom to move themselves.
  • Weaker wheelchair users who may not be able to operate a manual wheelchair.

TravelGoChair is perfect to bring in the car, to the job, on a trip or even visiting family and friends in another part of the country, or the world. The TravelGoChair will become part of your everyday life and offers  freedom through wheels.


This power wheelchair is aimed to all users. Active wheelchair users seeking an additional smooth power wheelchair. Older people who want the freedom to move themselves. Weaker wheelchair users who can not operate a manual wheelchair.

Perfect to load in the car, take to work, on the go or when visiting friends and family in another part of the country. Eloflex will become a part of your active life. Eloflex is freedom on wheels.

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Freedom on The Go!

Here are some exciting photos of our customers using the TravelGO chair

Why Choose TravelGo Powerchair

TravelGoChair is light, smooth and collapsible. 

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