With so many power wheelchairs available today, choosing the right electric wheelchair for you may seem difficult. In the simplest of terms, a Power Wheelchair is a base with wheels and motors, with a seat on top, and an electronic controller that is operated using a Joystick on one of the armrests to steer. They are operated by rechargeable batteries. If you require mobility assistance getting around in tight corners by just pointing a joystick to take you where you want to go, then a Power Wheelchair may be just perfect for you!

They can offer significantly increased independence thanks to their electric motor and easy to use navigation controls. Below we will explain:

  • What a power wheelchair does, and how it could benefit you
  • Things to look for when choosing a provider or mobility shop
  • How to pick a power chair that suits your needs

Power chairs offer a great way to get about for anyone with mobility issues or disabilities. Her we share tips to help you decide whether a powerchair is right for you, and how to choose a model that best suits your needs.

What Types of People Are Power Chairs Best Suited For?

Do you need to be able to get around the house without assistance

What Types of Power Wheelchairs Are There?

Power wheelchairs come in different shapes, sizes and specialties